Our Musical Style

Our repertoire encompasses a diverse range of musical styles, from classical to popular, gospel to Broadway. Our shows can run a wide gamut of music, and you may hear songs as varied as the rich choral classics of Randall Thompson and Benjamin Britten, the stirring folksongs of Aaron Copland and Stephen Foster, the potent Broadway melodies of Jerry Herman and Stephen Sondheim, the beloved pop standards of ABBA and Madonna, and pieces written especially for MenAlive by our former resident composer, Rich Cook.


While we are perfectly capable of handling the delicate intricacies required of pieces by Brahms or Gounod, we also like to "let it rip" on the fun, upbeat pieces. And while we love to raise the roof with a rocking gospel standard, we won't shy away from the tender tear-jerker.

Always, the goal of our music is to entertain, enlighten, and build bridges between our communities. By singing such an eclectic mix, we ensure there is something here for almost everyone.

Voice Parts

Most of the songs we sing are in four-part harmony and arranged for choral voices: Tenor 1, Tenor 2, Baritone, and Basses. Oftentimes the arrangements are of our own design, created by our Artistic Director Bob Gunn.

We usually sing with music (from a sole piano to a band to a full orchestra), but sometimes we sing a-cappella. Many of our songs are accompanied by "choralography" (choreographed movements for the chorus members.)