Michael L. Quintos

Tenor I

Most audience members know Michael Lawrence Quintos by his spectacular high counter-tenor voice and wonderful stage presence. However, the man behind the voice is even more spectacular. Recently celebrating 10 years as a singer with MenAlive, Michael auditioned in 2002 as a way to help combat shyness. Inspired by an episode of Will & Grace, he discovered the chorus online and decided on a whim to give singing a shot--something he had previously abandoned once he started high school, crippled by fear of his peers teasing him for his "unusual" voice.

Born in the Philippines, he then immigrated to Las Vegas with his family at age 11. Michael later relocated to California for college to study Film and Design at Chapman University. He now works as an Art Director and also with BroadwayWorld.com as their West Coast Editor, experiencing the other side of the curtain.

Finding a brotherhood with MenAlive he didn’t know he had been missing, Michael was and is thrilled to be a part of such a talented and accepting group of men. He was surprised to find the personality he claims now after joining, not realizing that he could be so comfortable in his own skin. Still, his voice caused him to stand out in the best way possible. Having been pre-conditioned to consider his high-pitched voice as a curse, he was shocked when he was asked to do a challenging solo in his very first show with MenAlive. Lucky for everyone, though, he did.

When he joined the chorus, he had not yet “come out” to his family. Being a part of this group, though, gave him the courage to tell them. Still living in Las Vegas, his parents were distanced from their son, and Michael was able to keep quiet certain aspects of his life. However, in an effort to reach out to them and bring them closer, he invited his parents to his first concert with MenAlive in June of 2002. Their reaction was something he never could have imagined: At one point, his father stood up on his seat to get better photographs of his son, exuding a pride in Michael that left his whole family in happy tears.

Michael states that the confidence, personality, and general charisma he now possesses are all owed almost entirely to MenAlive. The brotherhood that he has grown into has become a real family to him, considering his is so far away. He has enjoyed his last ten years with the chorus immensely, and is excited to see what the future holds.