Kreisson Quindoza

Tenor II

Every story has a beginning, and for Tenor II Kreisson Quindoza, his membership with MenAlive began in a chat room. He joined the chorus in 2003 after hearing about it from a friend he was chatting with and decided to audition after perusing the website. He always regretted not participating in the arts in school, and MenAlive gave him the chance to remedy that.

Kreisson knew who he was at a young age. There was never any pressure to be the rebellious child; he was simply sure of who he was and what he wanted to do. Working as a hair stylist now, he has achieved that goal. Having broken into the beauty industry only four years ago he is at the start of his journey, but is working hard to fulfill his professional dream.

Once he received his acceptance into the chorus, he came out to this mother over dinner. He remembers it being easier than he had imagined. Now his family attends concerts and has become part of the supportive community he found with MenAlive.

When asked what his biggest surprise was after joining the chorus, that sense of community and togetherness was precisely his answer. At this point MenAlive is his largest outlet in the gay community, and his nine years of participation have opened his eyes to so much of what it embodies. He has learned so much through the chorus and its participation in community outreach, and has found encouragement in its members to continue to grow. Another dream of his is to start a family, and he finds inspiration in the couples and friendships he has met through the chorus that have held those relationships for up to twenty years.

MenAlive has been a huge part of helping Kreisson grow as an individual, not only in becoming himself but also in finding people to connect with. The feeling of camaraderie he discovered in the chorus is precisely what MenAlive is trying to do in their mission of “people making great music, and music making great people”.