Craig Woodward

Tenor II

Second Tenor Craig Woodward joined MenAlive three years ago, after moving to Southern California with his partner Scott (now his husband), from San Francisco. Craig had been a member of San Francisco's Gay Men's Chorus (SFGMC ) for eight years. His director there mentioned MenAlive to him, and once he was settled here he sought us out.

Growing up as an only child of a single parent in a small town outside Reno, Nevada, Craig quickly learned how to amuse himself, and grew up unafraid to be himself. As a child, he sang with his church choir. After attending a play his first year of high school, Craig fell in love with theatre and participated in every school production afterwards, as well as in community productions and continuing singing in his church choir.

After moving to Stockton for college, Craig returned home for Thanksgiving and came out to his mother. Tears were shed, but her only concern seemed to be for his safety and well-being. Since then, her love and undying support have continued, along with her presence at nearly every SFGMC and MenAlive performance to date.

After being with a large chorus like that of San Francisco, Craig was pleasantly surprised at the ease and speed in which he could become acquainted with the majority of MenAlive members. The sense of family and community is even tighter with the smaller numbers than it was with SFGMC.

Along with the friends and extended family he has acquired through MenAlive, Craig enjoys the performances and is especially looking forward to the spring show, Strike a Pose. But before that, though, he will be supporting his husband, Scott, in his attempt at a second bowling championship on December 30th on ESPN; possibly the first time an openly gay, married couple will be acknowledged as such on the network.