Jay Cambare

Project Photographer

Jay joined MenAlive in January 2012 after being invited to his first concert (ABBA Queen) and being drawn to the talent, joy and comradery he witnessed on stage. He currently sings in the Tenor 2 section and is often seen running around taking photos at MenAlive fundraising, outreach and social events.

A 2000 graduate of UCLA with degrees in history and art, he developed a career in graphic design and marketing. With connections he made in the arts & crafts and pet product industries, he began his own creative marketing services business in 2013 and has successfully launched products and campaigns into big box retailers and specialty stores globally, including Walmart, Home Depot, PetSmart, Costco and Michaels. His constant need to broaden his knowledge and work skills led him to enroll in photography classes at Saddleback College starting in the spring of 2014. Since then, he has offered his photography skills to capture the faces and moments that have shaped the MenAlive experience.

When he’s not working or singing or photographing, Jay has a broad set of hobbies including raising reptiles and amphibians, painting, exploring natural and historic locations, and collecting art of Native American and other indigenous cultures, antiques, coins, gemstones and Star Wars memorabilia.