John 'Viet-Triet' Hoa Nguyen

Board Member - Chorus Nominated

John’s previous music experiences includes singing in Vietnamese children’s chorus, Fountain Valley High’s Chamber choir and several years of singing in his church choir. After a decade long hiatus off the stage, he experienced “It’s a Wonder Christmas, Carol,” MenAlive’s winter concert in 2015. It was then that John realized the chorus was the missing part of his life and joined soon after. Since his first concert, “We are Family” in the Spring of 2016, the chorus has been a performing arts dream come true. John is constantly inspired by his peers to improve as a performer and to help the chorus grow. 

MenAlive’s mission of promoting acceptance and understanding of the LGBTQ+ community in Orange County further fuels John’s love for the chorus. His passion for the arts combined with his passion for LGBTQ+ equality motivates him to be as active of a chorus member as he can be. For John, the greatest fulfillment from being a part of the chorus has been all the special friendships and memories he has created with his many connections within the chorus.

When John is off the stage, he is busy working on his career as an artist and graphic designer. Human rights and people of the world are the inspiration behind a lot of his work and can be seen in his online portfolio: One of many quotes John lives by: “My Abilities Outweigh My Disabilities” The leftover pieces of his heart not used for MenAlive are given to RAD camp, a camp for people with developmental disabilities, where he volunteers much of his time. A goal set for John’s near future: To participate in the annual AIDS/LifeCycle bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to end AIDS.