Karen Zfaty

Ticketing Director

Karen Zfaty grew up mostly in Southern California in a large, close family. During college, she worked for a Literacy Program in Brazil for six months. She earned a BA in Linguistics and an MA in Semitic Languages, married, had a son, Isaac, and when she found herself alone with him, while she worked at UCI in IT and Grants Administration, did an MBA in MIS to better support her little family. Since 1988 she has worked for PARS, a Newport Beach Pension Administration firm where she manages a CRM Database. Karen shares her home in Irvine with two pugs, spends most of her free time with her granddaughter Charlotte, sings in St. Mary’s Choir in Laguna Beach, enjoys traveling abroad with her good friends. Karen served for five years on the ACTION AIDS CareTeam Network Board, then joined the MenAlive board for eight years, three of them as President. She is thrilled to be back as Ticketing Director and supporting the grant writing programs.