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About MenAlive

What kinds of music do you sing?

We sing a diverse range of musical styles, from classical to popular, gospel to Broadway. Our shows can run a wide gamut of music. By singing such an eclectic mix, we ensure there is something here for almost everyone.

Are your shows like choral concerts I remember from high school?

Definitely not. Our shows are much more than just "choral performances." They are full productions that can combine song, dance, and theatrics to create shows of enormous popular appeal for all ages and backgrounds.  Oftentimes our show will more closely resemble a Broadway production than a "stand and sing" choral concert you may remember from high school.  

Why a "gay" chorus? 

As with any quality arts organization, MenAlive strives for artistic excellence, with superior vocals and top-notch production values, to create an unsurpassed entertainment experience. But unlike other arts organizations, MenAlive also sings to change our world through song.  Our goal, as our Mission Statement reads, is to "build bridges to the public at large".  Through entertainment and musical excellence, the Chorus serves as an ambassador of the gay community to the general public, spreading harmony and goodwill and a message of acceptance.

What is the Mission of MenAlive?  

Since the first year of our founding, our mission has been as follows:  "Through music, men's voices unite as a vehicle to entertain, educate, bring healing, joy, community and build bridges to the public at large."

How do I join MenAlive?  

Because MenAlive strives for artistic excellence, auditions are necessary.  To learn more about auditioning for the Chorus, please visit our Audition Information page.  


About Our Shows

What shows are you performing this season?

Please visit our Shows & Events Page.

What are the dates and times for each show?

Our three main shows each have three performances, on Friday night at 8pm, and Saturday at 3pm and 8pm.  All of the dates and times can be found by visiting our Season page.

How long will the show last?

Generally you should estimate about two and a half hours, including one intermission. 

Can I purchase CDs or videos of the shows?

Unfortunately no.  Due to copyright issues, we cannot record and sell CDs and videos of our performances to the public.  

May I take pictures, videotape, or tape-record the performance?

No. For the safety of the performers, the comfort of our patrons, and issues with copyrights, no audience photography or videotaping is allowed. 


About Ticketing

What are season subscriptions?

Season subscriptions are your tickets to all the productions of the season. By purchasing a subscription, you keep the same seats for all performances of the season, plus you receive a substantial discount on ticket prices. For more about subscriber benefits and information, please visit our Subscriptions page.

Where can I purchase season subscriptions?

Season subscriptions are available directly through MenAlive, either by ordering online on this website, or by mailing us your season brochure subscription form.  The deadline for season subscriptions is late September, just prior to single tickets for our first show going on sale to the general public. 

Where can I purchase single tickets?

Single tickets are available through the Irvine Barclay Theatre’s Box Office at 949.854.4646, www.TheBarclay.org.  Single ticket sales generally go on sale 2-3 months prior to each show. Sign up for our mailing list to always be kept informed.  

Are there group discounts available?

Yes.  Groups of ten or more are eligible for ticket discounts. For more information about group sales, please visit our Group Sales page.   

Can I exchange my tickets for a different performance of a show? 

Subscribers are eligible for special benefits, including the ability to exchange their tickets for another performance date. Single ticket holders cannot exchange their tickets, but can donate their tickets back to MenAlive for a tax deduction. For more information, please visit our Ticket Policies page.

Can I exchange my tickets for a different show?

No. If you are unable to attend any of the performances of a show, you can donate your tickets back to MenAlive as a tax deduction. Please contact our Ticketing Director for more help and information.  

What if I lose my tickets?

If you are a Season Subscriber, please contact our Ticketing Director up to five (5) days before your performance; within five (5) days of the performance please go to the Irvine Barclay Box Office for assistance.  If you are a single ticket buyer who purchased your tickets from the Barclay Box Office, please contact the Box Office directly for assistance at 949.854.4646.  (Please note, the Box Office may impose a small nominal fee to replace your tickets.)  

Are last-minute tickets available?

Sometimes tickets for sold-out show become available in the final days before show time, or on the day of the performance itself.  We recommend calling the Box Office periodically during the final few days to see if tickets become available. 


About The Irvine Barclay Theatre

How do I reach the Box Office?

The Irvine Barclay Theatre’s Box Office is open 10am to 6pm Monday through Saturday, and 12noon to 4pm on Sunday.  It is also open until 8:30pm on performance nights.  You can reach the Box Office at 949.854.4646, and online at www.TheBarclay.org.  

How do I get to the theatre?  

The Irvine Barclay Theatre is located at 4242 Campus Drive, Irvine, California, on the campus of the University of California Irvine.  Please visit the Barclay’s webpage with location information and directions.  

What dining options are near the theatre?

We encourage you to enjoy drinks or dinner before or after the show at one of the restaurants nearby the theatre.  A variety of dining options are available, from quick & casual to formal.  Please visit the Barclay’s webpage with all the current dining options.  

Where do I park at the Irvine Barclay Theatre?

The UCI parking garage is conveniently adjacent to the theatre.  Located on the west side of the theatre, access is off Pereira Drive on the south side of the garage.  Parking is $10 for performances (subject to change.)