Sing With Us!

Here's how you Join MenAlive:

  1. Make an appointment.
  1. Details about the appointment:
  • It is informal and relaxed and will take about 7-10 minutes.
  • You will meet with our Artistic Director and possibly some of our musical section leadership.
  • Location is:
    Church of the Foothills
    19211 Dodge Avenue at Newport
    Santa Ana, CA 92705
  • You will be asked to sing random notes to "la" after they are played on the keyboard.
  • You will be asked to sing "My Country Tis of Thee" (We will provide the music.)
  • You will be asked to sing a few measures of an unfamiliar piece of music that we will provide.
  • After the appointment, you will be given full details, schedules. If you have questions, please ask. We want you to join us.
  • Be prepared to pay the $100 Membership fee (per rehearsal period) at the end of the appointment, this covers the cost of your music, rehearsal CD, and additional costuming.
  1. Requirements to be a member:
  • Attendance - We allow 3 rehearsal absences during a 12-week rehearsal period. There are 2 Sectionals held that you may attend during each rehearsal period, which can be used to make up for regular rehearsal absences.
  • Every member is required to own a standard single-breasted tuxedo, with cummerbund, wing collar and bow tie.

We look forward to meeting you!